Many people these days let ‘self-care’ slipped by, due to our busy schedule. That is why in today’s world it is critical to create a diet and lifestyle that is rich in minerals to maintain and possibly improve our health. As you can see in recent years there’s more importance placed on minerals and supplements, they’re becoming a major trend as part of the ‘self care’ regime in the  beauty and wellness space.

The President of CoYours Katherine Ju explained, “Our mission at CoYours is to help provide the conveniences of self care in the form of high purity of minerals and supplements in a simple and tasty way. Our products are manufactured and imported from Japan, which they have been manufacturing dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products for the past 50 years. We place high importance on our raw materials focusing greatly on high quality raw materials that are produced using Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). As a result, our products are high in purity and have been approved by Health Canada.”

CoYours products includes:

  • YourCardio (NPN: 90091673) – promotes cardiovascular health and provide antioxidant support.
  • YourDigestion (NPN:80091164) – help supports the intestinal (gut) health.
  • YourSlim (NPN: 80091161) – help with weight management
  • YourBeauty (NPN:80091672) – Nutritional Support for hair, skin and nail

CoYours will be expanding their line of products to about 20 types of supplements in the coming months. These products may be purchased at grocery stores and pharmacies in Toronto in the coming months.